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Our Satisfied Sit2Stand Clients

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Began visiting Diamond Chiropractic 3 years ago when I was in agonizing pain. Can say without hyperbole that Dr. Diamond literally changed my life, helping me both recover from my injury and improve my overall health. Dr. Diamond has long focused on the role of ergonomics during my appointments, frequently recommending products, suggesting exercises and sending me articles.

He is now more directly working with me on solutions for my work environment through Sit2Stand. He visited my office recently to get a better understanding of the issues that continue to plague me. He was very thorough and strongly advocated changes to my workspace, while also being very aware of the complexities of an office environment and the need to balance priorities. Both in his office and no win mine, Dr. Diamond always spends as much time as needed. I never feel rushed or that I am receiving less than the most complete care and attention.

Highly recommended!”

– Michael F.

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Dr. Scott Diamond spoke at our Project LILACH lunch and learn session in early September 2012. These sessions are holistically oriented toward improving the cardiovascular health of our employees. In a very entertaining and though provoking way, Dr. Diamond presented key diseases that are rooted in our inability to get out of our chairs and become more active.

Scientific research coupled with his ability to engage the audience in full participation and conversation extended hours after his presentation was complete. Even days later in our office my coworkers were talking about the ideas Dr. Diamond presented and how they were implementing his key concepts into what has already become part of their normal wellness routine. I highly recommend Dr. Scott Diamond for any speaking engagements where is a focus of translating holistic concepts with to an audience at large.”

– J. Daniel

Join our growing list of satisfied clients:

  • Raymond James, NYC
  • Pearl Meyer & Partners
  • Family Health Center of Worcester, Inc.
  • Fogelman & Fogelman, Boston
  • Integrated Financial Partners
  • Viscocity Solutions, LLC.
  • Texas Instrument, Inc
  • Nelson Nygaard Consulting Associates
  • The National Center on Family Homelessness

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