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Berklee Music Students Sing our Praises

Berklee Music

Drew D., Guitar

Thanks a ton for all of your help in my recovery from my repetitive stress injuries, I’ll tell everyone I know having similar problems to come check you out!

Ricardo B., Guitar

Diamond Chiropractic has helped me a great deal in the few months that I’ve been attending, my back pains are gone and Dr. Diamond has helped me a lot with my arm muscles that were sore from playing so much, without his help I would’ve probably had much bigger problems.

Alex V., Guitar

Hey Dr. Diamond just letting you know that I have gotten a lot better since the start of my visits. Three weeks ago, I really couldn’t even touch my instrument and now I’m back to playing over an hour a day. My whole left forearm was really sore, and I couldn’t make a full fist with my left hand. Doing the adjustments with my back and forearm have caused a dramatic change.

Joao G., Guitar

I’m e-mailing you to thank you for your help! I have benefit a lot from your chiropractic knowledge! My back is a lot better, I barley feel and ache or pressure in my neck shoulder and don’t really feel as stressed out when there is some kind of pressure in me. Your have been not just a really good doctor but also a good “team mate” (on working to improve my health) and friend. I really admire your passion of making people better and contribute to make the world a better place =) that’s also my goal (but with music) Another thing…you have amazed me with this chiropractic thing, that is why I ask so many questions to you! It’s amazing how the body works (I see lots of technology documentaries and the body is just one piece of art) and it is interesting to understand what you do., it just makes so much sense!…so…thank you for those little lessons, that way I can share information with people back at home =) Thank you so much for the appointment with my mother!!! I know she is going to be only one week but after your appointment she said she felt weight came off her shoulders, and the buzzing in her ears had gone away! This was so good to hear! Can you imagine someone working all day sitting with these conditions?? I know that one week is not sufficient to cure her, however I am really hopeful that at least she will have a more comfortable life with your knowledge! Thank you! I’m looking forward to our next appointment!

Javier Z., Guitar

I have been Dr. Diamond’s patient for 5 months. He is receptive, efficient and his technique is very effective. Tell him what you feel, what is bothering you, and he will get to work. Moreover, he is wise in finding the source of your problems (bad posture, exercise habits) and he will make suggestions to prevent further misuse. I always look forward to my weekly chiropractic adjustment, to Dr. Diamond’s advice, and more importantly, to feeling better after.

Edouard B., Guitar

It has been over a year since my first visit at you office. I have been a regular patient of you since, and receiving chiropractic care from you every week has been a wonderful experience. The pain and discomfort I used to feel in my wrists and back which impaired my activities as a musician are now gone. I also feel that I handle stress and fatigue much more easily than before. Equally as valuable as your actual chiropractic care is your advice on living a healthier life. I will continue to come to your quiet and comfortable office as long as I can reside in Boston. Working with you and your professional and agreeable staff towards being healthier is just great!

Shawn D., Drums

My curiosity for chiropractic care was sparked when a friend of mine told me about his experience. Since coming to Dr. Diamond about a year ago, I feel more alive. I function better in every possible sense. I walk better, breathe better, sleep more, even think with more focus. I would recommend this treatment to everybody. Like Dr. Diamond told me, “The body is like an instrument that needs to be tuned before playing. And we play everyday.”

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