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Introducing NextDesk™


Sitting Disease

Dr. Diamond has been on the front lines in the battle against ‘Sitting Disease’ for over 16 years and is an advocate for creating a work environment that incorporates both sitting and standing postures during the day.

In response to what is quickly becoming a top public health issue, Dr. Diamond has started a consulting business called sit2stand. sit2stand provides educational programs, ergonomic evaluations, and product driven solutions to create a healthier workspace.

The single most important addition you can make to the daily desk sentence that you have been given is to stand up more throughout the day. Dr. Diamond believes that everyone in the workforce should have access to a height adjustable desk. There are many companies that are now offering this option to their employees, and as a result are being rewarded with people who feel better at the end of the day than when they started. Standing more at work reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, fatigue, and host of muscoskeletal problems. Remember, you burn more calories when you stand. Standing more at work is a weight loss program, how fantastic is that?!

Often Dr. Diamond is asked about which height adjustable desk to buy. We like to refer to it as a Functional Life Station. After spending over 2 years researching the options out there, we are excited to announce our first of many distributing partnerships to come, with NextDesks. Please read on to find out more about the wonderful features and benefits.

Think about it. Who likes to sit so much, for so long. Over 15.5 hours per day in sitting opportunities. Sitting is becoming the new smoking. Time to get up. With a NextDesk, you can push a button and up you go. Feels better doesn’t it?

Click the link. Buy yours today. Email me for advice and tips on how to use it effectively. Live locally? After you purchase, make an appointment for a one on one training on how to get the most our of your new purchase.

Next desk benefits:

NextDesk provides you with the freedom to sit or stand throughout your day. Repeated worldwide studies support the benefits of being able to alternate between sitting and standing during the day. Here are a few of the benefits noted:

  • Increase Energy. Reduce fatigue and discomfort.
  • Reduce risks of major diseases
  • Extend your life
  • Improve the quality of work and increase productivity
  • Reduce back and neck aches and tension
  • Improve muscle tone and core strength

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