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NextDesk™ Info

NextDesk- The Future of the Desk

We Are Built For Standing.

In today’s world, we seem to accept sitting for hours as the price we pay for our modern lifestyle. We surf, tweet, and work for hours on end while sitting in a chair. As a matter of fact, we spend as much as 95% of our time sitting. But our bodies aren’t designed to sit for hours We’re meant to be in motion.

It’s no secret that sitting for hours will drain your energy, make you uncomfortable and even cause back pain, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. But perhaps the Harvard study will surprise you the most- researchers found that sitting too much can shorten your lifespan.

The Elixir of Life

The good news is there is no need to give up your technology tether or change your career path. Simply stand up. Experts recommend alternating between standing and sitting throughout your day. Standing as little as two hours extra per day will boost your energy, metabolism, and burn an extra 340 calories. So if we need to move, why shouldn’t our desk move with us?

Freedom of Movement. Freedom of Style.

It’s the new standard for what every desk should be. Elegant. Sustainable. Adjustable. NextDesk glides effortlessly, quietly, up and down with the touch of a button. In a remarkable engineering feat, NextDesk’s advanced motors are fully integrated inside each column & out of sight.

Stir your soul with unique, sustainable materials.

From the solid aluminum frames to your choice of natural bamboo or machined solid aluminum tops, every NextDesk is a custom built with the finest sustainable materials. Although aluminum is nearly triple the cost of steel, it makes NextDesk stronger, lighter and modernly stylish.

Power Adjustable Height

Digital LED Display
267 Height Options
Programmable Memory
Soft Start/Stop Technology

Hardware & Motors

Elegantly Hidden Inside
Best in Class Speed & Height Range
Microprocessor Controlled Lift System
Powerful Integrated 18v DC Motors

Eco-Friendly Materials

Recycled Solid Aluminum Frame
Sustainable Natural Bamboo
No MDF or Formaldehyde
No solvent Based Paints

Available Options

Ergonomic Keyboard Platform
Single & Dual Monitor Arms
Integrated Power Management
Custom Shapes & Sizes

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